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Gen X proposes an innovative, simple, and transparent solution to setting up a business in Dubai UAE. We transfer our experience into understandable form for everyone.
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We have registered a company using Gen X service. I was impressed by process, it was easy and understandable for me. Highly recommend.
Yulia Shchukina
Founder DOPE models management
The most flexible and individual approach for business registration in Dubai you may ever experience.
A Gen X team supported us on every step of the process and took over all the headache of a company formation in Emirates for us.
Oleksiy Kuryliak
CEO at Rioks


What is Gen X?
Gen X propose you an innovative, simple, and transparent solution to setting up a business in Dubai UAE. We transfer our experience into understandable form for everyone.

We can simplify the bureaucratic procedures for you. You just need to fill in the application and download requested documents on the website, the rest we will do for you.
Why Gen X?
We are transparent. With us you always know what the price of services is and how it is calculated.

We are understandable. The information regarding services is in clear and plain language without tricky legal terms.

We are professionals. We are the team of experienced experts. With us you always sure that services will be provided in the best way.
Why UAE?
Due to COVID-19 situation in the world, UAE is one of the most open country that supports business and helps its development even in the new reality conditions. Nowadays, a lot of companies relocate to the UAE, especially to DIFC, to seek new possibilities for their business. UAE government found the balance between safety of its residents and visitors during COVID-19 pandemic and prosperity of the business. Moreover, Dubai EXPO2020 brings new opportunities to economic growth of UAE based business and economy of country in general.
Where will be a company registered in UAE?
Your company will be registered in the DIFC (Dubai International Financial Center). A leading international financial hub in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) region. DIFC is the most popular hub in UAE where you can find new possibilities and meet like-minded people.
What is a tax rate for a company?
The tax rate for DIFC companies’ income is 0%, employment taxes also are 0%.
What is a retail company in the meaning of UAE government?
Retail refers to the activity of selling goods or services directly to consumers or end-users. For example, it can be online store that sells clothes or shoes, or store that sells electronics.
What is a non-retail company in the meaning of UAE government?
It can be a business engaged in services provision, for example it can be a consultant who provide an advice, advertising services, HR consultancy, etc.
What is an innovation company and who can apply?
The DIFC Innovation License is open to all technology and innovation start-ups. It is offered to a wider ecosystem of technology enablers, catering to Technology/ Innovation firms interested in developing or testing new, novel or innovative products.

The DIFC proposes discount state fees to all applicants of innovation license for the first 4 years. For example, the License is subsidized for a period of 4 years at a rate of USD 1,500 per annum instead of 12,000 USD, access to co-working space - flexible desk at USD 500(+VAT) per month.
Can 100% of a company be owned by non-UAE national?
Yes, officially 100% of company can be owned by a foreign national.
Who can be a director of a company in UAE?
A foreign national can be a company`s director official, no need for nominee service.
Who can be interested in setting up a company in UAE and why?
Everyone who wants to expand its business to new markets. Especially it is interesting to start ups, as UAE market is growing in geometric progression, the biggest firms such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn are already there, in Dubai.

Dubai, UAE is the unique place that opens new possibilities for your business growth.